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Sew much fun…

I have been having SEW much fun lately (ha ha…)

I don’t know if it’s the thought of a new little one that has me feeling so crafty, or the fact that we still can’t play outside every day– but I’ve been up to some fun stuff!

I’ve decided to give cloth diapering another chance this go ’round, and so I’ve been making cloth wipes to go along with it.  I haven’t really perfected the technique, but they are going to be used to wipe a dirty bottom.  They don’t have to be perfect.  I have started using them on Astaire and they are great!   The cloths stay dry until time for a change, and then I spritz on some California Baby Diaper Wash and wipe away.


I have also started rounding up all my scrap material (and Josh’s old clothes) to make these cute little crazy critters.  I saw these made on a trip to Asheville and they were just too irresistible not to try them myself.  The ones I saw were made like pillows, but I decided to stuff the one below with dried black beans (you can also use popcorn or rice) so that I could throw it in the microwave and make it warm and Astaire could take it to bed with her.   She had something similar when she was a baby and she loved it!  I’m also thinking a little lavender essential oil inside would make it nice and comforting.

Let me know what you think!

pillowcase dresses

I’ve been wanting to try this little project for quite some time, and I just hadn’t found the right supplies.  After searching on Ebay for some great deals, I came across 7 vintage pillowcases for only $5!  A few of them are sets, so if baby #2 turns out to be a girl, I can have matching babies!

Oh wait… I forgot to mention

Now..back to the project.

I found a super easy DIY tutorial from A Room Somewhere and I got started.  This dress only took me maybe 30 minutes.  I didn’t take pictures of every step, and I know I didn’t follow the tutorial to the T, but this is a project that doesn’t require precision, and it still turns out great!

It always helps to have a super cute model.

I’m planning on switching this ribbon to something more satin like, but this is what I had on hand and it matched perfectly!

Drum Roll Please……

Finally Back!

It has been between 1,000 and 1 billion years since I have posted, But we have been so busy having tons of fun in the awesome outdoors this summer!  I didn’t forget about you all.  A picture is worth a thousand words, so here is a post with many thousand words telling you all about our summer fun! We have been:

Gazing at the stars


getting crafty


and just having tons of fun!

wild and wonderful

This past week, our little family took and adventure “home” to West Virginia.  As always, we only had a few days to spend with the family- but it was a really fun two days.  First we stopped at my mom’s house, The Farm.  Astaire had such a blast running around chasing Granna’s new dog Trixie, riding the four wheeler, picking fresh blueberries, and looking for the cows.



After two days, we traveled on to my dad’s house, my childhood home.  It was so much fun having a wieny roast like when I was younger and also seeing Astaire play in the same places I used to play. She got to swing on a tree swing, slip and slide, and play in the creek with my dad.



and my favorite picture from the weekend: