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Making Headlines

This past week we were contacted by a reporter at the Charlotte Observer- she had heard about  the  effects that the moratorium had on us, and wanted to put our story in the paper!
We scheduled our interview for Wednesday at noon– and I don’t know what happened after that.  No really…it’s mostly a blur, because from Tuesday afternoon at 4 until they arrived, I was running around like a mad woman cleaning and scrubbing and making food(?).  In my defense, they were coming at noon.  Normal working people tend to eat lunch at noon.  I thought they would be hungry.  In the interest of full disclosure,  I tend to go a bit overboard. OK, a lot overboard. Always.  Every single time.   Some say it’s the West Virginia in me, some say it’s generational, others say it’s the Martha in me (you know, from the Bible).  I think it’s probably a mixture of all of those that has created this monster.  In any event,  I  have rediscovered my passion for writing, and maybe I was hoping she would ask about my blog and want to give me a job at the Charlotte Observer working from home.  I honestly don’t know how I thought that would come up, but I really just wanted to make a good impression on this girl, for whatever reason.  So here is what my spread ended up looking like, and needless to say— it was delicious.

Chicken Salad Croissants, Hummus and Pita Chips, Strawberries, Cookies

However, they wouldn’t know because they didn’t eat a single stitch of it. Not one single bite.  Even though I told them in advance I was having food.  As my good friend Stephanie from Full House would say “How Rude!”.  Who knows, maybe they aren’t allowed to eat on the job, or uh…yea.. that sounds good.
Since we didn’t eat, we did a lot of talking…
If you don’t know the back story, here it is:  Our little family has been house hunting for almost 4 months now.  They say it’s a “buyers market”, and yet here we are as buyers, unable to find a home.  Well I guess that is not exactly true.  We have found a few homes that we loved.  Two of which we were outbid on, one we decided was really for our1950’s alter egos, and then we found “Thomforde Manor” as we  so lovingly referred to it.  It was perfect for us.  Everything we had asked God for and more.  There was a huge back yard that was fenced in for Astaire to play in, 3 bedrooms, a bonus room plus 2.5 baths, and a 2 car garage.  Not to mention it was in an awesome neighborhood, that in any other circumstance we could not have afforded to live in.  It was a foreclosure!  This house was for sale for almost 50 thousand dollars less than it’s original sale price just 8 years ago!  We made our offer almost immediately, the bank of course counter offered, but we took it!  We had to have this house.

We went through the whole crazy process– the loan approval, the appraisal, the inspections… even had my entire family here for Astaire’s birthday and had them ALL walk through the house and give their approval!  We were so excited.  Then the weekend before we were supposed to close, we got a call from our realtor’s office.   There was a problem with the title….they didn’t have much more information than that, but it could be a few weeks before they would be able to get it cleared up.  They would call us when they knew more.

When they found out more, everyone in America was finding out more.

“N.C. Attorney General Roy Cooper is asking 14 lenders to suspend foreclosures in the state until they can show that their process complies with the law”
It wasn’t just NC.  It was every state…and lots of people I’m sure were affected.  We were told that we could wait, but that it could be several weeks to several months before the paperwork got all sorted out and we could move forward on getting “our home”.   And what if the paperwork got sorted and it turned out it wasn’t even able to be “our home”??? We decided to cancel our contract and continue looking elsewhere….
So now what?  Now we are living month to month in our apartment.  Our roommate has moved out because he thought we were moving out (so did we Jake, so did we!) and we are paying tons of extra rent money every month while we look for the next place we will call home.   It’s all good though…because we are making headlines!

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