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Makin a list, checkin’ it twice

It’s that time of year again.  I’m shopping for boots, Astaire is wearing her cute little footie pajamas, and Starbucks is becoming a part of our routine again. Small confession here: Josh and I only go to Starbucks October-January.  Holiday Drinks are the only time of year that we feel the need for some reason…and we feel it A LOT.  Caramel Apple Spice, Eggnog Latte, White Chocolate Peppermint Mocha….you just can’t go wrong.

As much as I love the yummy drinks and food that go along with this time of year, the best thing of all, is of course…PRESENTS!  Not for me so much…and I’m not just saying that to be a nice person.  I’m saying that because I like to buy my own stuff.  But I LOVE to buy/make other people gifts.  I get really into it.  Especially if I have time to think about it. Once I get going there is no stopping me…I get this whole theme thing going and it’s a lost cause.  I wanted to share some of my favorite Christmas ideas with you…so for the next few weeks, I will be blogging not just once, but TWICE a week, with my second blog dedicated to gift ideas, stocking stuffers, and holiday treats!  You can just call me Santa’s Little Helper….but I’ll spare you any pictures of that 😉

This week we will be taking a look at handmade items- these are by far some of my favorite things to give.  If you are crafty- Great! Get to work!  But if not, that’s OK too!  You don’t have to be crafty to give handmade items…I have tons of friends who are just waiting to take your order! Check out these 5 Fabulous Items:

#1 Reusable Bags

My friend Candra of My Creative Reality is full of amazing ideas, and this is such a great one!  Who doesn’t love a cool bag? These bags can be created for under $15  and depending on your budget could be used as a gift all by themselves, or a gift bag for your purchased item!  Find her tutorial for these bags and other great things at My Creative Reality.

#2 Cuddle Buddy

This little plush pal is so sweet and simple.  I made this for Astaire because she was so in love with a Minnie Mouse  she had that was similar.  However, I am not a huge fan of anything that is “branded”, and I wanted this to be all hers.  She is totally in love with it and although it is technically only her bedtime cuddle buddy, he somehow finds his way all around the house throughout the day…you can find the tutorial for this under my Gettin’ Crafty Tutorials-Cuddle Buddy.  It literally took me all of ten minutes to make.

#3 Penny Pushpin Hats & Scarves

This is by far my favorite hat that I have for Astaire.  It’s absolutely adorable (as you can see).   Penny Pushpin has hats and scarves for kids and adults, and they are all so vintage inspired and unique.  You can submit your custom order to or by visiting  Penny PushPin!

#4 Handmade Aprons- My Home Again

These lovely ladies are just getting up and running.  They are having their very first “trunk show” this weekend, a Tea Party where they will be selling their most fashionable aprons.   They are setting up Etsy Shop and will be available for online orders very soon…. in the meantime you can find their creations here.

#5 Little-Bit Luxuries

This girl is extremely talented.  She has all kinds of fun stuff aside from just hair accessories, which these days, everyone and their sister are making.  She is a whiz on the sewing machine  and can make you a gift for a baby that will make all the other gifts jealous.  The one thing I do like about her bows however, is that they can double as an awesome gift box decoration!  Clip it on the wrapped primary colored contraption your baby girl just had to have…..but when she’s done playing with the box instead of the toy….you will be left with an awesome bow for her hair!  Create your Custom Order today— Little-Bit Luxuries


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