My Journey Home

My Life. Beautiful, Ugly, Unfiltered.


“Snowflakes are one of life’s most fragile things, but just look at what they can do when they stick together”

If I were to be really upfront and honest, which is exactly what I promised to be–  I would have to say that this past year has been really hard for us.  There have been many, many situations beyond our control that have taken a toll on us emotionally and spiritually.   Our world has been rocked.  I wasn’t even really thinking about these things anymore, I was just planning to post up these pictures  that we had taken this weekend… which are so precious.   Then I started editing them a little (which is not my forte so please do not judge) and I just was overwhelmed with thankfulness.

God has been faithful through this entire year.  I can’t even begin to tell all the things that we have been through, but I can say that there were times– more than one– when I, and I can only speak for myself, was questioning God.  I am a strong Christian.  I do not question God…but…  I was hurt, and angry, and let down.  I was hurt, angry and let down, by people who were supposed to be representing God.  People who had represented God to me.  I am past that all now, because I have realized that through it all HE has not failed me.  Not once.  HE has been there through it all.

I am reminded of this again today, as I look through these pictures and I see the most precious gift He has given me.   And it came right on time.  He gave me this gift right before the turmoil, right before the storm.  I am so grateful I have  had this precious gift to distract me, to keep me laughing when all I wanted to do was cry, to teach me patience that I otherwise would have lost on people.  He gave me  the precious gift of my family.  My Snowflakes.

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3 responses to “Snowflakes

  1. Carol Henry November 29, 2010 at 11:02 am

    Tayla, you are a gifted writer in that you bring your readers right into your world and we feel what you are feeling. You are blessed sweet girl and I can’t wait to meet you and Josh and little Astaire. She is so beautiful. Just love these pictures. Thanks for sharing your heart.

  2. Mom December 4, 2010 at 8:18 am

    I hope you know that everytime I read this blog, I start tearing up. I am so proud to have raised such a wonderful daughter.

  3. Barbara December 8, 2010 at 2:18 pm

    Wow! What a beautiful family! You are a great writer. Let me know when you write your first book.

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