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Oh Dollar Tree, Oh Dollar Tree…

Christmas is the time of year I become like a 5 year old kid in a 25 year old’s body, running around decorating, baking cookies, playing Christmas music, planning insane dinners for friends and basically making myself a complete and total nutcase by the time it is all over.

This year, I have decided to scale it back. WAY back.  I have a 15 month old who is fascinated by the “balls” that hang on every Christmas tree, and a husband that will only have Christmas day itself off from work.  We are going to be focusing on what is important this year.

I will be making Josh’s favorite (beef stroganoff) for Christmas Eve dinner, and making enough to eat leftovers on Christmas day.  That way we can spend the day actually spending time together instead of me in the kitchen and him hanging out with and keeping Astaire out of the kitchen.   Because yea, the meal is always good, but it’s not really fun for anyone.   I plan to make lots of cookies, but I’m going to start soon, and freeze them, then we may make one batch together Christmas day…for fun.

Now as far as the tree is concerned… I asked for advice..and then did what I wanted.  Typical Tayla.   Today, Astaire and I went to pick out our tree at the Dollar Store…she knew it was an important task, so of course, she first needed a snack.

As soon as we got it home, she was ready to go.  I made her wait for Daddy, but had I known how much he was planning to help with the decorating, I probably would have just done it while he was at work.  The two of them just laid around on the floor listening to Christmas music and supervising.  Then again, had we all tried to decorate at one time, we may have collapsed the tree!

OH Dollar Tree, OH Dollar Tree, Thy Candles Shine So Brightly!


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