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Thank you Thomas Edison!

Winter is finally here in Charlotte—It was 16 degrees this morning outside, and 50 degrees in my house!  Astaire and I woke up to no electricity.  No reason other than it is cold and it’s the south…  There is nothing quite as humbling as that, especially in apartment living.   We quickly came to terms with how helpless we were without it when I realized we couldn’t fix our regular pancakes or oatmeal for breakfast, and so we decided on cheerios instead.  She ate as we huddled under a blanket without our morning cartoons, which is not easy to explain to a 15 month old, but she settled for watching videos of herself on my laptop.   The power has kicked on and off a few times today, but we are still sitting here in the dark and cold with “no time frame” as to when our power will be restored.   Astaire is napping now, and daddy brought her home a Chik-fil-a  kids meal  (with a fruit cup) for lunch when she wakes up because I can’t cook or heat anything up.

I for one am so very thankful to Thomas Edison for flying his kite that stormy day.  I’m not sure where his mother was, but I guess the moral of that story is that great risk = great reward.

The cold always has a way of bringing out my creative side, and because Astaire is such a busy girl and wouldn’t stay sitting with me to stay warm, I dressed her in layers so she could play around the house and not catch a chill.  She is donning My Sweetie Peetie custom creations in the photos below…

Sweet Cocoa Leg Warmers

Button Detail

Upcycled Tshirt Beanie

Flower Detail

A My Sweetie Peetie custom creation (examples @ My Sweetie Peetie) will be given away this weekend to one lucky reader of My Journey Home.  Starting Friday at 12:00AM until Sunday at 11:59 we will be a part of  a Blog Hop!  Be sure to stop by the blog leave a comment on Friday’s blog to be entered for your chance to win! Winners will be announced on Monday morning!  There will also be many other giveaways from other bloggers, so don’t miss out!

If you want to start at the beginning the blog hop starts here——>>>> at 12AM Friday morning!


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