My Journey Home

My Life. Beautiful, Ugly, Unfiltered.

Timing is Everything…

It never ceases to amaze me how God places us exactly where we need to be, and gives us the precise skills and talents we need to have.  Though they may lie dormant for a time, and we may even feel we are being “unused” in a current situation He always calls them forth in His perfect timing.  Where others may fail, the skills He has placed in you will rise up to remedy the situation.  Where you fall short, others will succeed.

We each have something to offer one another, and to the body of Christ.  One person’s mess, is another persons ministry.  (And many times, your mess becomes your ministry! )

Maybe your skills are currently being used, and that is awesome!  But maybe they aren’t, and you are feeling discouraged today.  I want to encourage you to put your hand to something….anything! Your gifts and callings will make room for themselves.  As much as we each have individual skills that are prominent, I believe we each have seasons in our lives where we are the lead, and seasons where we are the support roles.  Be great in whatever season you are in!

Walk in confidence today in the things that God has placed in you, because they have great purpose and so do you!


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