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starting the year in style

The first time I laid my eyes on a piece of Tag You R It clothing I thought I had died and gone to heaven.  I have been drooling over a high priced label that is reminiscent of this style, but the way Astaire eats, runs and romps….there is no way I could ever bring myself to buy their clothing.  So when my friend Kelly of Zebra Gallerie had her little girl Lauren model an adorable outfit from Tag You R It in a photo-shoot, I just had to see more!

*photos courtesy of Zebra Gallerie

She sent me to Kari’s Etsy store, and as I browsed, I just couldn’t decide what Astaire should have….everything was exactly what I want her style to be.

Funky. Fresh. Bohemian… Comfortable!

I spoke with Tag You R It designer Kari about what it is that inspires her, and like every creative mama I know…it all started with her son.  He was a cloth diaper baby, and needed pants that would fit over the bulk. I’ve been there and fought that battle.   I gave up on fighting, but Kari put her creativity to work and designed the the Sleeve Pant, among others.    She designs her clothes around the simple facts that kids will be kids– they love to climb, run and jump and they need comfortable (but oh so cute!) clothes to do it in.

She and her son spend Saturday mornings thrifting and yard sale shopping, hand picking unique knit fabrics and fabulous prints that she can Upcycle into her amazing creations.  Most of her designs include these salvaged items so you can feel good about making a green purchase.

” Every piece is unique and one-of- a-kind like the child wearing it.  Every item has a history and I try to show my work in each piece, because I think you should see a person’s hand in what they make.  I love using and mixing color and pattern.  My style is sort of mis-match and anything goes.”

When I finally picked out my pieces I just couldn’t think about anything else. Kari was sweet enough to mail my pieces to me on Christmas Eve!   As I sat waiting, thinking about how cute my little lady would look in them, I started browsing again and had to restrain myself from placing another order!  Kari is not only extremely creative, but will also do custom orders.   If you have vintage  t-shirt you just can’t part with– good news!  You can send it to her, and she will re-purpose it into an amazing tunic like this one for your little girl!

Although it seemed like years, it was really only 2 days and my treasures arrived.  I spent most of that time nursing my poor little lady back to health from the nasty stomach virus, only to get it myself the next day… needless to say, I’ve been dying to get this post up!  We finally both felt “kinda” like a photoshoot today… the pictures aren’t great, but the products sure are!

I also purchased these two fabulous pieces in the next size up:

I am so happy with my purchases!!


3 responses to “starting the year in style

  1. Stephanie Nickel December 29, 2010 at 3:39 pm

    Love this Etsy shop!!! So cute! Astaire looks adorable in her clothes!

  2. Kari December 29, 2010 at 3:48 pm

    Thanks so much for your kind words!!

  3. Brenda December 30, 2010 at 6:58 am

    My granddaughter sure is hip.

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