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Resolution Shmesolution

I don’t make resolutions, I get things done.

I’ve said this, and it had better be the truth, because this month is going to be one of those months where you need 25 hours in each day.

We have guests coming from out of town, we are in charge of this month’s youth services at our amazing church World Worship Center, Josh has two new major website clients, and if that weren’t already enough to make my head spin… we are closing on our house next week.

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Yes, our house!  If you have been a faithful subscriber to the blog so far, you know all of our house woes…and would you believe that we are closing on the same house that was taken off the market just a few short months ago? The same one that landed us a front page story on the Charlotte Observer and made us practically super stars? Haha..ok that might be the overstatement of the year, but it’s only January 3rd, give me time to do better.

I have Oh so much to do, but my mind keeps getting cluttered with design ideas!   I just can’t wait to paint, decorate and finally update our look.  And of course I keep daydreaming about putting Astaire in the fenced in back yard and telling her to play as the fresh spring breeze blows through my open screen door while I clean.  I have SO much to look forward to!

We have some work to do before that daydream becomes a reality, and clearly its mid January and while it is unseasonably warm today, I don’t think there will be a true spring breeze blowing for a few months.  However, I can’t help but be optimistic.   Even through all the craziness and heartache that seemed to go along with “not getting our house”, our dream was preserved.  God was keeping us all along.  I don’t know why we always let ourselves doubt.

If I do make one resolution this year, it will be to remember.

Remember the year 2010, and all the heartache that went along with it.

Remember that God never left us and never changed, even when people did.

Remember that He always does what He promises, period.

Remember that He bring us through, so that we can share our experiences and blessings with others.

Our Promise!

suggestions for paint colors will be accepted in the comments box below 😉

All the runnin' room a little lady needs!


2 responses to “Resolution Shmesolution

  1. lynn January 3, 2011 at 8:45 pm

    thanks for writing it always a blessing to read what you have written you bless me and yes even up lift me it seems God always direct me to you when I am in need of a small word, just like today no matter what God is still God and keeps his word thanks sis

  2. cheryl falank January 4, 2011 at 4:51 pm

    i love the house tayla… go for one bright color i say.. 😉 unless you are a pale kinda girl but from your style no doubt it will look AMAZING!!!! two things i love about reading your blogs. 1. you have excellent writing skills and 2.God is the main focus always, some christians say they trust God but i can really tell that you guys do.I love it!! Keep it up. we are proud of you!

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