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{body}pollution? {simple}solution!

I am so excited about today’s blog– it comes to us from a very special lady, who was thrown into the fire when it came to getting healthy.  Jessica had her precious miracle baby  3 months premature, and realized that her family’s lifestyle needed an overhaul.  It has been an incredible journey for them, and the results are tremendous.  Please read, share, and discuss! If you have questions you’d like to ask Jessica or would like her advice on a specific area, leave a comment, and if there is a high interest in one area we may just talk her into coming back for more!  With that, I turn you over to our guest for the week…Enjoy

Have you ever looked at the back of your box of cereal and just wondered what in the world some of those ingredients are?  It seems like in today’s world, we cant even pronounce these words, let alone know what they are!  After the birth of my first child who arrived 3 months early, I decided that our family needed a drastic change in the way we eat, and well, what we eat.

My mom always told me, only eat what God made.  It seems like this is something I am learning more and more.  In every strange ingredient there are “hidden” ingredients;  ways to throw things in that make food last longer, taste better, and look prettier!  One of the most common ingredients today that everyone is concerned with is High Fructose Corn Syrup.  But what many people don’t know is that the government has allowed companies to use several different words instead of  “High Fructose Corn Syrup”, since people are so aware, and scared of HFCS now! (one of these new words is “Corn Sugar”)

If you are just starting to go healthy or wanting to start and don’t know where to begin, I would suggest these starting points:

  1. Take one step at a time. I know when I started, I felt severely overwhelmed.  Try eliminating one thing a week. It gets easier once you………
  2. Read your  labels before putting things in your cart. Every label can be defined on the internet (I even have an app on my iPhone!)  Look at what side effects are coming from these foods(and ingredients) that you are buying.
  3. Start eating more fruits and veggies in their raw form. I say raw, because once vegetables are cooked above a certain temperature or come from a can there is no nutritional value left to them. Eat lots of them!
  4. Start eating grains that have not been bleached or enriched. Again, bleached and enriched flours have NO health benefits.  This includes breads and pastas made from these flours.
  5. Start drinking water, water, water. Did you know that even fruit juice is not good for you or your children?  Juice has been pasteurized which means it has been heated to a point where all the nutrients have been cooked out, then they add vitamins and other additives back in (which your body won’t absorb) and all you are drinking is sugar! Scary, right?  

I also love reading the books by Don Colbert.  I keep a little notebook by my bed and write things down that I know I want to start doing.  I also LOVE the book Green Babies, Sage Moms The Ultimate Guide to raising your Organic baby by Lynda Fassa.  At the end of every chapter it gives you 3 levels of “going green”  to help you decide what fits into your daily life!   I encourage everyone to buy this book!

Good luck on your new healthy journey and remember that there are tons of resources to help you when you feel overwhelmed.  You are not alone!


One response to “{body}pollution? {simple}solution!

  1. cheryl falank January 13, 2011 at 11:05 pm

    YES!!! i love it, we(my husband and i) eat pretty much all natural.When i say that i mean if we can’t pronounce what is on the label we don’t consume it. We started eating Greek Yogurt it has a lot of protein in it and its amazing! we buy oatmeal in bulk from sams club for breakfast, lunch is chicken with steamed broccoli and a potatoe, dinner is usually salmon or a lean turkey sandwich topped with lots of healthy veggies.
    Juicing is also great mmmm… I could go on and on, i am going to college to study cancer and eating healthy is a must for me. Great post!

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