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winter weather- let’s play together.

While most of you are still experiencing Winter Wonderlands…I have to say, I’m going to enjoy rubbing it in a bit, that Astaire and I ventured out today to our neighborhood playground.  It is just a hop, skip and a jump away… and I thought it would be a great time.  And it was….sort of :-/

Today was only her second time on the swings, and as much as I hate to tell Daddy this– child numero uno is not going to be his future roller coaster buddy.  Maybe the next one, big guy!  She will definitely be my sidekick at the theme parks.  Eating funnel cakes, drinking lemonade– and holding everyone else’s stuff!  The thrill was over pretty quickly.  It went a little bit like this:

She did however, manage to overthrow the government of the jungle gym, and  is now ruling and reigning the playground.

This post ends here, the royal highness is requesting her “nack” 😉


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