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waging war

Josh and I had a long talk and we decided it is time to go to war.  No more giving in.  No more being lazy.  No more worrying about what will happen if we forget one at home…and probably, not a whole lot of sleep….at least for the next few days.  It’s time to eradicate the “ba” infestation that has slowly taken over our home.  Oh that’s right.  I’m talking about pacifiers.

I am pro pacifier.  However, I will say that I may not give them to my next child.  Only time will tell.   I may have only given them to Astaire because I felt pressure as a new mom to keep her quiet in public places, as I was always able to calm her at home.  Or it may have been that she started sucking her thumb and I was scared that she would be like me and continue that habit into kindergarten, so we went with a paci instead. I didn’t actually give her one until she was 4 weeks or more old.   I said I would take it away when she started trying to talk through it, and we have reached that point.  So here we go….

I pray this journal is short lived, and you can bet I was actually praying today(day2) as I put her down for her nap.  It was hard, but I am proud to say that I stuck with my beliefs and did not let her cry-it-out alone, but stuck with her through her entire (45 minute) struggle and she is now sleeping peacefully in her crib, pacifier free- going on an hour and a half.

Here is how it started out yesterday

Day 1:

“Cut the bulb off of the end of the paci, it leaves no suction and the child thinks it is broken and loses interest”– Quoted by most every mother and friend on the planet.   So I tried it! I walked over confidently to Astaire with my master plan, handed her the “ba” she could use for the day and smiled to myself.  She just popped it in, sucked on it a while, took it out, played with it, put it back in held it in her mouth.  She could care less.  It worked the same to her.

Later in the day we had to run to the church for a bit and she was playing nicely in her car seat when she yelled out for “ba”– so I searched for the broken pacifier, and couldn’t find it…anywhere.  I must admit, that a certain amount of panic set in when I realized that we were 20 minutes from home and I did not have a single pacifier.  I was scared she was going to have a total meltdown and there was nothing I would be able to do to soothe her. That stupid little piece of plastic has become not just a security for her, but for me…..

Luckily after some searching I found one, but it was then that I realized just how serious I needed to get about this!

Day 2:

New Rules- No Pacis during daytime or naptime.

This was so hard for me.  And for her!  During the day I can keep her occupied with snacks, activities etc.  But nap time was a serious challenge.  I put her down like normal, but she was not having it.  I let her cry for about 5-7 minutes as I sat outside her door praying for her(and myself) because that was about the longest I have ever let her cry without doing something to soothe her.  She was really getting worked up by this time, so I went in and held her, and rocked her but it took about 40 more minutes of her crying before she finally calmed down and fell asleep.  The whole time though, I had peace about the situation because I wasn’t outside of a closed door wondering if she was OK.  She was right there in my arms…having a hard time dealing with her situation…but we were going through  it together.

This is a gradual process, and I’m not going to set myself or Astaire up for failure.  I know how much she loves her “ba” and so this is going to be hard for her.  I’m going to continue to allow her to have it at night.  For right now.  But in a few weeks, that is going to be cut out as well.  The long and the short of it is that pretty soon we are going to have to potty train, and before you know it (not making any sort of announcement at all!!!) there will most likely be another baby in the house.  Meaning that I need to get this stress out of the way sooner than later.

Stay tuned for further updates.



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