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new kids on the block

were the best. band. ever. ’nuff said. I was totally in possession of this poster, the lunchbox, sleeping bag ,innumerable clothing items and a MAD crush on Jonathan at the ripe age of 8. Our generation young pad-wans, laid the foundation for, how you say?… “Bieber Fever” but that is totally not the point here! Being that we just bought our house– we are technically the new kids on the block.  I am super excited about all the potential I see in this neighborhood to raise our little family! We just found out last night that all together there are 3 little boys and 2 little girls all within  a year of each other on our half of the street. I just have to keep reminding myself that these are probably going to be some of Astaire’s very best friends throughout childhood, and that we are not just passing through this house like we would an apartment.  This is now our home…for a long time. I have to admit though, I’m finding it difficult to find ways to really get to know our neighbors without feeling like I’m looking like a stalker….any tips would be greatly appreciated.  I feel like I have just been stuck inside talking “toddler” for so long, my social skills may have taken a major hit :-/  Is it possible I don’t speak real english anymore?


One response to “new kids on the block

  1. Brenda March 14, 2011 at 8:05 pm

    I have some advice of course….haha. Have a play day and tea for the mothers. They can bring the children over to play in backyard and you get to know the mothers. Hopefully they will be stay at home mommies like you. Astaire may find a “Megan” like you did.

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