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~wacky wednesday~

I wanted to title this post “Super Fun Facts for Friday”– but that would mean I’d have to wait two more days before writing it, and well to be honest, I’d probably forget what I was about to say.

So next week, tune in for Super Fun Facts(and opinions) Friday…and for now, just enjoy my wacky mood.

I leave you with 10 random thoughts from this week.

  • I love it that Astaire is in love with steamed carrots and broccoli.  It makes me feel like I am doing something really good- when in fact it has nothing to do with me.
  • I’m pretty sure that I have the strangest kid ever, but it makes me love her more.
  • That thing I said about hand washing dishes being therapeutic…it’s nonsense.  Dishwasher. Needed. Stat!
  • I am secretly doing the Dave Ramsey seven steps because Josh doesn’t want to take the class…guess that cat’s out of the bag.
  • My new favorite thing to do is tell my money where to go— “hey there 50 cents in the bottom of my purse- YOU get in that vending machine and get me that fake mustache.”
  • Brad the bachelor scares me.  Especially when he starts to get irritated and gives out his under the breath warnings “Easy, Easy”- That’s National Television code for


  • I look about 10 years younger than I am.  This has its pros and cons. here is my proof.
  • Emily is 25… I am 25. She looks like she could be my cougar of a mom…or Lauren’s(pictured here with me) much older sister.  Just sayin’….I don’t look anything like any of those girls on that show..who are all supposedly my age.
  • Aside from the very apparent age gap- Emily (and Lauren) and I could totally be BFF’s.   We have so much in common. She is from Morgantown, WV- and now lives in Charlotte (me too!) and she has a super cute little girl just like me.  Also, she would never have to worry about me trying to steal her man, because…..
  • Although Josh thinks he looks “exactly like Brad” he totally does not.  And I think Brad is stupid, and watching that show has made me soooo happy that #1 I am already married to the only guy for me & #2 that I never have to worry about shopping for a father for my child, because like my BFF said so well “It’s not always fun…I mean, It’s not always fun.”

One response to “~wacky wednesday~

  1. Lauren March 16, 2011 at 3:34 pm

    Oh I have so many things to cover here…
    1) Love that you are telling your money where to go-I do that too. “$6, it’s Bo Time!”
    2) Brad–totally scary. Knew he had anger problems. And it drive me up the wall to witness the constant head nod when he talks…Just sayin.
    3) So glad I don’t look as old as some of those Bach ladies either…and so glad I am not as desperate as them and am totally married 😉
    4) We could totally be Emily’s BFF’s! First order of business: dump, Brad. Second order of business: Raid her closet. Perfect plan. Let the stalking begin!

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