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making me smile monday

things that are making me smile today:

  • Astaire is no longer requiring the use of her “Ba”- laid her down last night and she sat up (I thought to ask for it), said “MAMA!” so I looked back, and she smiled and said “Night, Night!” phew
  • my new toy that is making my floors oh so squeaky clean- The Shark 2-in-1 Steam Mop.

Tile, Linoleum, Hardwood Floors? Must.Have.This!  No chemicals, no scrubbing…just easy peasy, it cleans up dried on mac and cheesy….no joke.

  • this great blog for an eco friendly party at Go GreenBean.
  • these bad boys, which are making my pantry a whole new world- because I can actually see what’s in there now! I will take 2 more sets please, and the giant one to put in all my individually wrapped snacks.(oh yes, I have a plan!)
  • oh yea…and this:

careful…this chick looks serious!


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