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summer lovin’

Summer is in full swing here in Charlotte, which has taken a toll on my blogging.  I apologize!

I just can’t say no to my little lady when she is pulling on my finger and saying “side, side”…wanting to get out there in the sunshine and play.  There is so much to see and do, and she is getting there fast with her brand new set of wheels.

I had to search craigslist for this new used cozy coupe, because our neighbors have one for their baby girl, and they shared with Astaire one day.  Since then she has been obsessed!  Every time she sees it, she yells CAAAAAAHHHH!! RIDE! BABY! Then she is off, across the yard, on her way to their house in search of the car, their baby girl and all the fun she thinks she’s about to have.

I decided that we would get her one, and then when they play in their cars they can be twinsies.  I think if she could sleep in this thing she would.  She loves it!

What kind of fun toys have you gotten for the summer?



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