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potty training


I am so lost.  First of all, I feel like summer has killed my blog.  Like it just snuck up on me like a vicious predator and zapped the life out of my writing abilities.  All that aside however, I am stuck in potty training purgatory.  When it has come to every other milestone, I feel like it just came naturally to me– I didn’t really need to read any books or manuals, I just knew how to proceed.  But this, well this is so much different.  I just have no idea what to do.    I do, however have all the supplies.

Potty seat-check.



Pull Ups-check.


I have googled until my eyes are about to pop out of my head.  Some days Astaire is really willing to sit on the potty, other days she acts like there is a monster hiding in the thing.  I’m not really wanting to clean up another mess like I had to on my carpet the other day (long and gross story…) and so here we are.  I’m thinking, maybe she is not ready- but more like maybe I am not ready.  I’ve heard the younger you start, the easier it is. And of course I’ve heard that they will just do it when they are ready (like 4?) who knows!!! No really, who of you know?

So I’m asking you…please comment.  Give me your input, tell me your ways wise readers.



7 responses to “potty training

  1. Haley June 11, 2011 at 12:13 pm

    I am not all knowing, but here’s what I’ve heard from people who have ‘gone before us’…giggle.
    Before they’re 2, it’s too soon. They’re just too young.
    If they are able to unsnap, unbutton, un-whatever their pants/shorts/skirts, pull them down by themselves, and then back up again, then they are about ready.

    And that’s all I know. : ) I sorta figure I like that my baby boy is still my baby boy, and I will miss the sound of his diaper crunching and making his pants all poofy…so I’m ok with waiting.

  2. Stacy June 11, 2011 at 12:14 pm

    So I was exactly like this… Sky was interested then not, interested, then not. I tried 2 times (once at 2, then 3 months later) the 3 day potty bootcamp. We were miserable, messes galore and she would not tell me after 5 days she had to go. So I cried a lot then stopped. Out of nowhere a friend told me “do what works for you” . I am working with Leo gone and don’t have 3 days in a row often. So now at 2 and a half she often wants to potty so I just kept diaper on her but took her every hour. After 3 days of dry diapers I moved to “training panties” (padded ones) and we have been great in those for almost 2 weeks with a few random accidents bur she is slowly telling me when she has to go & she wakes up from naps & in morning dry. It’s great because we are going at our own pace and I got over having every other kid her age being potty trained while she wasn’t. It’s not stressful and it works for us. She is learning and she is now ready. Every kid is different and I thought Sky would never tell me she was ready but it just happened. Sorry this is so long but I want to encourage you to go at your own pace and take her when she wants to but when she doesn’t know that she will when she is ready. Hope I made sense.

  3. underestimatedmom June 11, 2011 at 10:39 pm

    On the day’s that she goes to the potty and is willing to try – give her super hugs and big hooray’s! On days that she doesn’t – let her go in the pull ups. The less stressed you are about it the better the process. Forcing it on her and you aren’t going to make things easier. But do encourage her to try to do it again so that she knows it’s super awesome! I’m right there in the beginnings of the stage as you are so I might not be as strategized either but I do know that positive works a lot better than negative and frustrations of cleaning up messes are the major trigger of negative for me! I ask E if she wants to go potty every once in a while during the day. If she does sit on it then yay!! We say Good Job E and move on. If she goes we celebrate and eat some candy! If she goes in her Pull-Ups – we change her. So far she things going to sit on the potty is fun and as long as I can keep it fun and not scary I feel like I am doing okay 🙂

    Hope this helps!!


  4. angelsofbabysleep June 12, 2011 at 12:18 am

    Don’t despair! Every time I tried to force something on my little boy, it has blown up in my face. We can teach them, but only when they are ready to learn, right? Sometimes, we put too much pressure on ourselves and our babies, trying to do what society expects. We know our babies will learn to use the potty/toilet, eventually. Knowing that, we just have to find a creative way to cooperate with them. This is a BIG step, so it’s normal there will be setbacks. I’m sure you are doing everything right. Astaire just needs time. I guess it’s a balance between honoring our baby’s feelings and providing adult guidance.
    Also, you say that she acts like there’s a monster in the potty. Perhaps she really is afraid, which is normal too. Perhaps that’s worth dissecting to get to the root of the problem. Is she old enough to explain her feelings? Do you go to the bathroom together? Maybe if she sees you go first, then she’ll see there’s nothing to be afraid of. You can offer her the choice to go first, or wait until you finish.
    I’m going to start the process of potty training soon too. I bet I’ll have similar issues!
    Good luck!

  5. Brenda June 12, 2011 at 9:42 am

    Candy works well afer they go. It’s just like me potty training Trixie. I give her a treat everytime see goes outside—not in the house. She’s got the hang of it now and comes and tells me when she has to go cause she know she gets a delicious treat. and she know where I keep them. I make over her something aweful when she goes and she really likes that. I tell her shes a good girl and give her a treat. Tell Astaire that she needs to be like mommy and be a big girl and keep taking her every half an hour–that’s enough time in between to catch her urges. Good luck!

  6. thesaveathomemom June 13, 2011 at 8:15 pm

    I started Little-bit about a month ago- maybe longer. She LOVES sitting on the potty, but we have yet to see the pee pee in there. So for now, we just go through the routine morning, before or after nap (whichever i remember), and before bath. She knows the routine and likes it. Someday it will click, so we just clap and carry on with what we are doing! 🙂

  7. Mitzy Schwarz June 16, 2011 at 10:15 am

    I have 3 boys, and each one has potty trained in their own time!.. I tried so hard with my first one to potty train him at the supposed magical age of “2”.. I quickly learned that just isnt the case!!.. There is no magic formula, or way to do it, and believe me I tried EVERYTHING.. rewards, stickers, special “big boy” undies, calling grandma, making a party when he did go.. it all resulted in him going right back to weraing pullups until he wa simply ready!..
    My first son was tottaly trained about 1 month after he turned 3… my second sone was 3 1/2.. and my 3rd son just turned 4, and he pees on potty just fine, but we are having trouble with going poop… It can be a very frustating task that is set before you, but trust me , THEY WILL GET IT!..
    Oh, and one more bit of advise, dont listen to those who say” oh my child was potty trianed by 2 “.. blah blah blah….
    She will get it in her own time, and it will take a Load of stress of you, if you just let it happen in time :-)..

    P.s girls DO tend to train faster than boys, so I hear hahaha

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