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my little big girl

I am constantly amazed at how much Astaire is growing. In the morning she now wakes me at 6:30 by shouting loudly over the monitor “Mamaaa!, Are yoouuuuu?”  And when I go in to get her, she says “Hi!” – It’s then that I realize that she has grown yet another 2 feet over night.   When will the madness end?

Josh and I have recently been talking about me getting a job, and when the discussion started, I got really upset.  I can’t imagine having to leave her everyday.   Praise the Lord, within two days I found a writing position that I can do from home, so hopefully that will all work out! I am so blessed to be able to stay at home with her, and I don’t want to take a moment of our time together for granted. 

Since mother’s day is just around the corner, I want to dedicate this post to my lovely little ‘big’ girl- she made me a mother, but best of all she made me Mama

*photos by Mandy Cauley

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happy monday!

hope everyone had a great weekend!  Our family sure did.  We clipped our first coupons, tried lots of new recipes- including Garden Quesadillas & Peirogi Casserole and did lots of playing in the yard.

Astaire has started the great toddler game of asking “that?” and pointing at every.single.thing she sees.  It’s super cute right now cause I know she’s just learning so much….but I’m sure it will get to be a little unnerving before long!

I think it’s almost time to start potty training as well, and the newest question in my mind is now “what kind of clothes can she wear that will create the most success for her and still be super cute?”  

I’ll let ya know what I decide!

For now, here’s some pictures of us playing this weekend.  Astaire is wearing a delicious little one piece jumper from Target her flower is of course, My Sweetie Peetie.

ps. I added TONS of new recipes this weekend…so be sure to check all those out! Look  under the Home Cookin’ tab!

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team thomforde style

Our recent nomination for Top 25 Style Blogs from Circle of Moms has really got me thinking- my wardrobe needs a major overhaul.  The only fashionista living in this house is my little lady, but she works it enough for the both of us.


Though trends may come and go, the one thing that never goes out of style is being a good parent.

One thing I am so thankful for is my husband Josh.   He is cool and comfortable enough with himself that in our home there are no gender roles when it comes to parenting, or getting things done.  This allows us both much more quality time with each other and with our daughter, and is teaching her several important lessons.

1) Daddy doesn’t put anything else before Mama and Astaire. We are number #1

2) There is no “woman’s place” or “man’s place”.  She can do anything in the world.

3) Teamwork, Teamwork, Teamwork!

One of our more low key days might go something like this:

Astaire the Alarm wakes us at 6:45, and Daddy gets up with her to have Daddy/Daughter time eating breakfast and watching Toons while Mama gets a few extra minutes of sleep.

Around 730 I get up so Josh can shower, he leaves at 815 to work from 9-6.  During those hours, Astaire and I clean the bathrooms, do laundry, dishes and vacuum/mop the floors.  We also play outside, eat lunch, (she) takes a nap, she has lots of snacks  and we probably watch another cartoon or two.

When Josh gets home, I’m in the middle of making dinner, cause I like it to be hot when we eat, so he takes Astaire to get a diaper change, and they fold and put away the rest of the laundry.  We eat dinner, and then head back outside. Josh mows the back yard while I play with Astaire in the front yard.  By then, she is wanting daddy again, so we switch, and they clean out the cars together while I mow the front yard.  When we finish, we all play in the yard together.

After about 30 minutes it’s time for Astaire’s bedtime snack and bath.  We go inside get a snack, Josh takes Astaire and does the bath, while I clean up the kitchen from dinner.  When they finish, we both read her bedtime stories, say her prayers and tuck her in “nigh nigh”.

Then it’s finally time to sit down and relax.

I know this isn’t conventional, I know some Judgy Judgingtons will probably think I make him do too much.  That it’s my job to take care of the home, kids, cooking and cleaning.   Well I welcome your comments- because the truth is, it’s much more important that he do these things and have a relationship with his daughter than it is he have a relationship with our couch and flat screen.  I don’t make him do any of this.  He wants to, he loves to, we both do.  It’s our team–Team Thomforde.

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my two moms in a surprise cookoff- you decide

When it comes to Pepperoni Rolls, people fall into one of 3 categories.

1)You have no idea what it is.

2)You know exactly what it is, who makes the best one, whether it is your mom, Colasessano’s or The Country Club Bakery where it all began.


3) You no longer live in WV and you will take any one you can get your hands on any day of the week- stale, moldy, borrowed or stolen. We love us some pepperoni rolls!

Please note that pepperoni rolls, like the state that they originate from are not to be confused with anything else other than what they are.  What I mean is- West Virginia is not in fact “Western Virginia” and a Pepperoni Roll is not in fact a “Pizza Roll” – those are made by Totinos, and while they are too, fabulous….they do not compare.

And now for some fun.  Josh and I always enjoy a heaping amount of our favorite rolls when we go home.  We request some from my mom, step-mom, and we usually buy some at a gas station or local bakery on the way as well. You just can never have enough.  I thought I would share this delicious treat with all of you who find yourself in category #1 or perhaps #3 today and are without a recipe!  I give you my mom and step-mom’s recipes.  Both are different.  Both are delicious.  It will be up to you to decide which is best!

I encourage you all to add some mozzarella, hot pepper cheese, or my personal favorite- slice it open and grill it with some butter -add nacho cheese and close it up again. YUM-O!

Whatever you do….enjoy!!

My Mom Brenda’s Recipe

My Step-Mom Kathy’s Recipe