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Sew much fun…

I have been having SEW much fun lately (ha ha…)

I don’t know if it’s the thought of a new little one that has me feeling so crafty, or the fact that we still can’t play outside every day– but I’ve been up to some fun stuff!

I’ve decided to give cloth diapering another chance this go ’round, and so I’ve been making cloth wipes to go along with it.  I haven’t really perfected the technique, but they are going to be used to wipe a dirty bottom.  They don’t have to be perfect.  I have started using them on Astaire and they are great!   The cloths stay dry until time for a change, and then I spritz on some California Baby Diaper Wash and wipe away.


I have also started rounding up all my scrap material (and Josh’s old clothes) to make these cute little crazy critters.  I saw these made on a trip to Asheville and they were just too irresistible not to try them myself.  The ones I saw were made like pillows, but I decided to stuff the one below with dried black beans (you can also use popcorn or rice) so that I could throw it in the microwave and make it warm and Astaire could take it to bed with her.   She had something similar when she was a baby and she loved it!  I’m also thinking a little lavender essential oil inside would make it nice and comforting.

Let me know what you think!


pillowcase dresses

I’ve been wanting to try this little project for quite some time, and I just hadn’t found the right supplies.  After searching on Ebay for some great deals, I came across 7 vintage pillowcases for only $5!  A few of them are sets, so if baby #2 turns out to be a girl, I can have matching babies!

Oh wait… I forgot to mention

Now..back to the project.

I found a super easy DIY tutorial from A Room Somewhere and I got started.  This dress only took me maybe 30 minutes.  I didn’t take pictures of every step, and I know I didn’t follow the tutorial to the T, but this is a project that doesn’t require precision, and it still turns out great!

It always helps to have a super cute model.

I’m planning on switching this ribbon to something more satin like, but this is what I had on hand and it matched perfectly!

Drum Roll Please……

let’s have a ball!

this weekend was a crazy one that can only be summed up in a famous FAIL/SCORE summary.

Fail: Getting someone else’s order at Chick fil-a

Score: Not noticing until I was driving away AND it was wrong in my favor- HELLO free hashbrowns!

Fail: Having an enormous cold all weekend.

Score: being a part of a parenting team- which means that in this house, mom actually does get sick days when she needs them.

Fail: A crazy storm that produced golf ball sized hail- knocking out our power for over 9 hours on Saturday evening.

Score: being married to the techie of all techies- we could still stream Netflix onto his iPad using a back up battery and WiFi tethering on his cell phone. never fear, josh is here.

Fail: Not winning first place with my amazing table at the Ladies Brunch

Score: Winning Runner Up- Which is First place among the losers 😉

Score: Getting a prize!! Runner Up Flowers

Fail: Spilling the flowers and dumping the water all over my car on the way home…

my lovely handcrafted centerpiece



You can find a great yarn Ball tutorial Here– although I will say I did not follow there instructions exactly, and I am paying for it! My centerpiece is no longer structurally sound! It only lasted the day of the event.  If you do follow their instructions I highly recommend using white yarn and spray painting the color you wish your balls to be. Otherwise the cornstarch shows through.

be-a{cause}i like to craft

we all have causes that are near and dear to our heart & with as much attention as our cute little ones get with all of their adorable handmade accessories, I thought it would be a great idea to merge the two together!

My Cause: Human Trafficking

Each year, in Thailand alone, 200,000 children, ages seven to fifteen, are sexually exploited and trafficked. That is 23 children every hour. My fabric for this project came from a t-shirt that I had from Serving Our World, the organization Josh and I worked for when we lived in Thailand as missionaries.

(1)what you will need:scissors, hair clip, felt, hot glue gun, and your choice of “cause” related fabric. (2)Cut the fabric into tw0 long strips like this and sew a gathering stitch. (3) gather and glue the two pieces (each as a half) onto a medium sized circle of felt. insert a brad, button or gem for the center(or not?) and attach clip to the back with hot glue and smaller circle of felt. (4) finished product!

Who wouldn’t want to hear what this little cutie pie has to say??

If you have something you have crafted for a cause, or you’d like me to craft something for your cause— email me! I’d love to feature you and yours.

I can’t wait to hear from you!