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Finally Back!

It has been between 1,000 and 1 billion years since I have posted, But we have been so busy having tons of fun in the awesome outdoors this summer!  I didn’t forget about you all.  A picture is worth a thousand words, so here is a post with many thousand words telling you all about our summer fun! We have been:

Gazing at the stars


getting crafty


and just having tons of fun!


producing well rounded children

As parents, I believe it is our responsibility to create in our children a sense of curiosity and to immerse them in all facets of culture (even ones we don’t “prefer”) in order to produce well rounded, adjusted teenagers and adults.

Your children are going to be the adults of tomorrow, and it is up to you to educate them!

It seems to me that many parents have lost touch with a very important role that they play.  Many parents are  so busy that they have neglected not only helping to develop their children’s spiritual beliefs, but also enabling them to carry on a decent conversation because of their lack of knowledge on subjects.

When I was a teenager, I remember being drug taken to many different concerts, sporting events, and basically any kind of cultural experience my parents could get their hands on.  Many weekends  friends of my parents would come over and cook authentic Mexican food, while teaching me how to merengue! I spent a full summer one year traveling the Eastern United States with my grandparents in their motor home, stopping at every Bluegrass Festival along the way to jam with their many friends.  My brother is a very talented athlete and therefore I spent countless hours at the gym watching him play basketball, and also race motocross.

Our society is so plugged in to Facebook, TV, and our cell phones that we don’t have time for actual experiences any more.  When was the last time you turned all of these things off and actually immersed yourself in the present moment?  Actually enjoyed a day with your family without checking your email, text messages or voicemail?  By not being able to do this, we are becoming, and also producing children and teenagers that are socially retarded.  They would rather text you than talk to you.  If they do talk to you, they have trouble keeping eye contact and speaking without mumbling or using slang,  because they feel insecure and vulnerable when not hiding behind a screen.

We have to wake up… we have to educate….If we don’t teach our children while they are in our homes, someone else will when they leave your home and go off to college, or a job.  I for one would much rather have my child know have a knowledge of many different subjects, and be firm in knowing what she believes when she is faced with the real world and it’s views.

Don’t you agree?

potty training


I am so lost.  First of all, I feel like summer has killed my blog.  Like it just snuck up on me like a vicious predator and zapped the life out of my writing abilities.  All that aside however, I am stuck in potty training purgatory.  When it has come to every other milestone, I feel like it just came naturally to me– I didn’t really need to read any books or manuals, I just knew how to proceed.  But this, well this is so much different.  I just have no idea what to do.    I do, however have all the supplies.

Potty seat-check.



Pull Ups-check.


I have googled until my eyes are about to pop out of my head.  Some days Astaire is really willing to sit on the potty, other days she acts like there is a monster hiding in the thing.  I’m not really wanting to clean up another mess like I had to on my carpet the other day (long and gross story…) and so here we are.  I’m thinking, maybe she is not ready- but more like maybe I am not ready.  I’ve heard the younger you start, the easier it is. And of course I’ve heard that they will just do it when they are ready (like 4?) who knows!!! No really, who of you know?

So I’m asking you…please comment.  Give me your input, tell me your ways wise readers.


happy monday!

hope everyone had a great weekend!  Our family sure did.  We clipped our first coupons, tried lots of new recipes- including Garden Quesadillas & Peirogi Casserole and did lots of playing in the yard.

Astaire has started the great toddler game of asking “that?” and pointing at every.single.thing she sees.  It’s super cute right now cause I know she’s just learning so much….but I’m sure it will get to be a little unnerving before long!

I think it’s almost time to start potty training as well, and the newest question in my mind is now “what kind of clothes can she wear that will create the most success for her and still be super cute?”  

I’ll let ya know what I decide!

For now, here’s some pictures of us playing this weekend.  Astaire is wearing a delicious little one piece jumper from Target her flower is of course, My Sweetie Peetie.

ps. I added TONS of new recipes this weekend…so be sure to check all those out! Look  under the Home Cookin’ tab!

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