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Cuddle Buddy

What you will need:

Plush Toy, Needle & Thread, Small Plush Baby Blanket

Step 1

Find middle of blanket and run needle and thread up through the back side to begin attaching to plush toy.  You can decide where you want the blanket to attach.  I made mine so that the giraffe was “holding” the blanket, and the blanket would dangle.

Bring needle through the middle of the blanket.

Step 2

Sew back and forth until blanket is securely attached to plush toy, and then knot off on the underside of blanket.  I sewed all the way down one arm, and then tucked under and sewed again on the bottom of each leg.  I have a very rough toddler, and I didn’t want to take any chances of having to do this again.

Showing seam down the arm of giraffe

Step 3

Enjoy! Seriously….that’s it! It only takes about 10 minutes and my daughter loves hers!  Here is my finished product.  You can still lay the blanket out flat, and when you do it looks like the giraffe is crawling on the blanket. It’s super cute!

Astaire's Cuddle Buddy



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