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First Time Registry Checklist

This is a list that I came up with for a friend, and then passed on to my sister in law, and again to my step-mom when she was helping her niece register.  It started out very basic, but over time I have been fine tuning it even down to the brand I prefer!   There are some things that you can get by with doing used or off brand…which I highly recommend…and others, you need to buy new and you need to buy the “right” one!


Lamp for Night time changing in nursery- I recommend using an amber colored bulb for less harshness.

Changing Table or dresser

Changing Pad

Changing Pad Covers 2-3

Laundry Basket(necessary because you will be washing baby’s clothes separately for awhile)

Dreft Baby Detergent**

Trash Can or Diaper Genie– this depends on if you cloth diaper or not.  I use an aluminum step lid trash can.



Nursery Decor

Mattress- BUY NEW! BUY TOP OF THE LINE! – Your baby will be sleeping on this every night…and cannot tell you if they are uncomfortable, or if their back hurts.  You wouldn’t want to sleep on something too hard, too soft, or that made your muscles ache…this is important!

Mattress pad

Crib Wedge or Sleep Positioner

3-4 Sheets (Flannel or Plush for the winter are great!)

Mobile with Light (need a  dim light for night time feedings)

Medela Harmony Breast Pump

Medela Feeding Gift Set (includes bottles that fit pump, storage bags, etc )

LANSINOH breast pads- (A GAZILLION…seriously..they are expensive…get as many on that registry as possible.)

Playtex VentAire Bottles (depends on if you formula feed or breast feed…I have ONE)

Bottle Warmer/Pacifier Sanitizer– You don’t need both, typically a bottle warmer will have a sanitizer “app”


Boppy Cover

Pacifiers(if you choose)

Pacifier clip

Bibs (20)…I’m not joking unless you like doing laundry every 5 minutes

Stroller/Carseat– I recommend really shopping here.  Babies R Us is the place to go…you can try them out! I picked one that was not a good fit for me, and I am really paying for it now.  The carseat is too heavy, it didn’t fit well in the stroller…. I think Chicco Keyfit is a good one.

Graco Blossom 4 in 1 Highchair- this will get you from infant to toddler, and while your toddler is using the booster, you can put your next baby in the highchair…its amazing.

Carseat Pad (I dunno what its called…like a pillow and soft thing to “fill the carseat when baby is baby)

Musical Toys for carseat bar-VERY IMPORTANT

Bunting for Carseat

Mirror for car

Diapers- I really recommend Pampers if you are going the disposable route.  I know every kid is different, but Astaire leaked out of Huggies big time.  I have never had an issue with a Pamper.


Wipe Warmer

Safety Qtips

Baby Wash/Shampoo/Lotion




Cloth Diapers (to be used as burp cloths)- 6-12

Swaddling Blankets (I never used these, but other people do)


Crocheted Blanket with holes for crib

Diaper Bag (Kalencom, Petunia Pickle Bottom)

Travel Changing Pad

Swing or Bouncer




Footed Pajamas

Sleep Sacks

You can register for clothes but people will buy what they want..


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