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father of the year

Our church has sponsored a “Father of the Year Nomination” and will choose a letter at today’s service.  Mom’s could write letters for their children if they were too young, and so I decided to write one for Astaire, because I feel like Josh totally deserves this recognition if anyone does.  There was so much more I could write, (like all of the work he does AT the church…but everyone there knows that…) so I thought this would be sufficient.  He is amazing…

Dear Reader,

I am not old enough to write yet, I can only color really great pictures.  In fact, I can only say a few words.  My favorite word is Daddy.  When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I yell over the monitor is “Daddy! Up!”  He is my favorite person in the world, even though I spend all day every day with my mama.

If anyone deserves to win the father of the year award it is my daddy.  Even before I was born he loved me.  I know because I could hear him singing to me and praying for me every night as I was growing inside my mama’s belly.  He was the first person I saw when I was born and he gave me my very first bath and changed all my diapers while I was in the hospital.

My daddy is a really hard worker.  He has three jobs!  He works so much so that my mama can stay home and take care of me, and I like that a lot.  My mama says he works more than 80 hours a week, but I can’t count that high.  I just know that he always has time to play hide and seek with me, and he is almost always here to read my bedtime stories, say my prayers and tuck me in at night.

My daddy is the best daddy in the whole world, and I love him so much!

xOxo Astaire


great expectations

I know I have mentioned (several times) my new found struggles with Astaire and her tantrums….but I have a happy update today!  We are making some progress.  I have found over the past several days and trips out, that if I set her up for what we are about to do, and clearly state my expectations, we are all much happier and she does so well!

An example of what I might say would go something like this as we are walking in to the store, church, or even a playdate:

“Astaire, we are going to go in to __________ now.  Mama expects you to be a good girl, be obedient and (sit in the cart/go to your class and play with your friends/share your toys) without getting upset.   If you don’t, you will get a time-out, do you understand? (she will say yes) You are such a  big girl, and you are going to a great job!”

We go in, and sometimes she needs a little reminding—but a reminder is usually all she needs.  We have had several successful trips this week, including one to the zoo! She did absolutely wonderful all day, with zero meltdowns and she even got to feed a giraffe right out of her hand….TWICE!

my little big girl

I am constantly amazed at how much Astaire is growing. In the morning she now wakes me at 6:30 by shouting loudly over the monitor “Mamaaa!, Are yoouuuuu?”  And when I go in to get her, she says “Hi!” – It’s then that I realize that she has grown yet another 2 feet over night.   When will the madness end?

Josh and I have recently been talking about me getting a job, and when the discussion started, I got really upset.  I can’t imagine having to leave her everyday.   Praise the Lord, within two days I found a writing position that I can do from home, so hopefully that will all work out! I am so blessed to be able to stay at home with her, and I don’t want to take a moment of our time together for granted. 

Since mother’s day is just around the corner, I want to dedicate this post to my lovely little ‘big’ girl- she made me a mother, but best of all she made me Mama

*photos by Mandy Cauley

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Happy Easter!

Walking into church today there was an excitement and anticipation in the air.  We were celebrating the resurrection of our Savior! Why wouldn’t we be excited!?

Leave it to me to start thinking.  Wouldn’t it be nice if we were this excited every Sunday- every day even? And why shouldn’t we be- He is after all, still Risen.  Still in control-


What kind of change could we make in the lives of others if we were anticipating  the same great things every day like we do for a special church service?

think about that today while you enjoy your special time with family.

and tomorrow- anticipate great things!