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DIY: Laundry Detergent

I wanted to come up with a clever name for this post…but then I thought, maybe people won’t read it! This is such a great post, and I just can’t risk it!  I will admit though, that I am not the person with the original idea, and I must give credit where credit is due.  I got my recipe for my detergent at the Save at Home Mom, and you can visit her blog for this recipe as well as other great money saving ideas and freebies.

First of all I have to say, this was one of the fastest recipes I have ever made, including all the food I make and that is saying a lot! You can totally do this, and still get your mommy time in, all while your toddler is taking their very short “I don’t like to take naps anymore” nap.

Enough of that though…let’s get to it!

What you will Need:

Arm & Hammer Super Washing Soda

20 Mule Team Borax

Fels-Naptha Soap

*You can buy all of the above from Harris Teeter or your Local Grocery Store

Goats Milk Soap (Check out my good friend Kathee– she makes it from her live goat’s milk!)

Essential Oil of your choice (I picked Orange…yum-O)- GNC, Vitamin Shoppe, or

5 Gallon Bucket with a lid

 1.  In a saucepan add 4 cups of Hot Water.

2.  Set heat to Medium and grate into saucepan 1/2 bar of  Fels Naptha soap and 1/2 bar of Goats Milk Soap.

3.  Continue stirring until both soaps have melted completely.

4.  Fill the 5 gallon bucket half-way with hot water and add in the melted soap mixture.
5.  Add 1 cup of the washing soda and 1/2 cup of Borax. Stir until dissolved.
6.  Fill the bucket to full with hot water. Stir, and let sit overnight.
7. Once cooled, add 30-40 drops of essential oils and stir.
8.  For each load of laundry you will need approximately 1/2 cup.
You can then put it into your laundry dispenser, or you can dip it out of the 5 gallon bucket.  I plan to just dip mine out.
And now, for the part you have all been waiting for…the savings!!
Item Amount Conversion Amount Needed Uses Cost Total Cost Per Make
Washing Soda 55oz 6.875 Cups 1 cup 6.5 2.95 0.45
Borax 78oz 9.75 Cups 1/2 cup 19.5 4.75 0.24
Fels Naptha I Bar 1/2 Bar 2 1.39 0.69
Goats Milk Soap 1 Bar 1/2 Bar 2 0 0
Essential Oil 1 oz 600 drops 40 drops 15 4.32 0.28
5 Gallon Bucket unlimited 5.28
18.69 1.66
Detergent Made 5 gallons 80 cups 1/2 cup 160 0.01
You are reading that correctly!! that is ONE PENNY PER WASH!
I was blessed with the goats milk soap…but pricing it out at $2 a bar at local stores, it still is a savings of $65 per year, when typically I pay approximately .19 per wash with Costco savings on Gain detergent!
Not to mention…no more nasty plastic containers sitting in a landfill

how a toddler says happy mothers day.

My little lady is a constant blessing to me, and I know how much she loves me- but today she had a little help from her Daddy in making me feel very special for the day.

Yesterday they snuck away into Josh’s office to do some work… Astaire was very excited because the office is the only “no zone” in the house, and she was allowed in there for a better part of an hour.  I never once heard a peep from either of them…and I’m sure she had a great time- I have pictures to prove it.

The final product was this beautiful handmade card- which is going straight into the memento storage container in the garage for safe keeping.  I’m totally a hoarder of things like this.

This morning I found myself in such an incredible mood, and I realized it was because I was able to wake up, get a shower, hair and makeup all done without interruption. Don’t get me wrong, and I know you won’t– I love her, but man…that time was precious!  Little did I know, they had been calling me from downstairs because they had prepared this breakfast, that I had to eat literally running out the door for church because I took my sweet time getting ready (oops)  I did however take the time and let Astaire show me and read to me her card…as you can see she was so proud and excited to show it to me.  Isn’t it crazy that at this age already she knew she had made it and that it was for me?  She is too sweet.

I just can’t close this post out without saying thank you to my wonderful husband, yet again, for everything he does to continue to make my life wonderful…including today.  It means so much that he found it important enough to take time out to teach Astaire the importance of honoring her mother today— I really appreciate it so much.  I love you babe!

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be-a{cause}i like to craft

we all have causes that are near and dear to our heart & with as much attention as our cute little ones get with all of their adorable handmade accessories, I thought it would be a great idea to merge the two together!

My Cause: Human Trafficking

Each year, in Thailand alone, 200,000 children, ages seven to fifteen, are sexually exploited and trafficked. That is 23 children every hour. My fabric for this project came from a t-shirt that I had from Serving Our World, the organization Josh and I worked for when we lived in Thailand as missionaries.

(1)what you will need:scissors, hair clip, felt, hot glue gun, and your choice of “cause” related fabric. (2)Cut the fabric into tw0 long strips like this and sew a gathering stitch. (3) gather and glue the two pieces (each as a half) onto a medium sized circle of felt. insert a brad, button or gem for the center(or not?) and attach clip to the back with hot glue and smaller circle of felt. (4) finished product!

Who wouldn’t want to hear what this little cutie pie has to say??

If you have something you have crafted for a cause, or you’d like me to craft something for your cause— email me! I’d love to feature you and yours.

I can’t wait to hear from you!

in a bit of a {pretty}pickle

Sustainability and upcycling are a growing trend, and who wouldn’t want to be a part of the crowd (and yet so totally unique) with amazing handmade items like these from {pretty pickle} ?

so cute! please go check out my sweet friend’s etsy shop today!