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wild and wonderful

This past week, our little family took and adventure “home” to West Virginia.  As always, we only had a few days to spend with the family- but it was a really fun two days.  First we stopped at my mom’s house, The Farm.  Astaire had such a blast running around chasing Granna’s new dog Trixie, riding the four wheeler, picking fresh blueberries, and looking for the cows.



After two days, we traveled on to my dad’s house, my childhood home.  It was so much fun having a wieny roast like when I was younger and also seeing Astaire play in the same places I used to play. She got to swing on a tree swing, slip and slide, and play in the creek with my dad.



and my favorite picture from the weekend:


let’s have a ball!

this weekend was a crazy one that can only be summed up in a famous FAIL/SCORE summary.

Fail: Getting someone else’s order at Chick fil-a

Score: Not noticing until I was driving away AND it was wrong in my favor- HELLO free hashbrowns!

Fail: Having an enormous cold all weekend.

Score: being a part of a parenting team- which means that in this house, mom actually does get sick days when she needs them.

Fail: A crazy storm that produced golf ball sized hail- knocking out our power for over 9 hours on Saturday evening.

Score: being married to the techie of all techies- we could still stream Netflix onto his iPad using a back up battery and WiFi tethering on his cell phone. never fear, josh is here.

Fail: Not winning first place with my amazing table at the Ladies Brunch

Score: Winning Runner Up- Which is First place among the losers 😉

Score: Getting a prize!! Runner Up Flowers

Fail: Spilling the flowers and dumping the water all over my car on the way home…

my lovely handcrafted centerpiece



You can find a great yarn Ball tutorial Here– although I will say I did not follow there instructions exactly, and I am paying for it! My centerpiece is no longer structurally sound! It only lasted the day of the event.  If you do follow their instructions I highly recommend using white yarn and spray painting the color you wish your balls to be. Otherwise the cornstarch shows through.

pet peeves

have I ever mentioned my biggest pet peeve?

If I’m being totally honest my biggest peeve is what we thought was josh’s incessant allergy cough that actually turned out to be a recurring virus (oops, sorry babe!) and other noises that pierce my “happy place”.  It’s like I have hyper sensitive hearing or something. Noises really get in there and get to me.

Other than that though– it’s disorganization and chaos.   And this garage has been on my hit list for weeks.  Today we are tackling it and our work space with full force.  Here’s a shot of where we have to start.  check back later for where we end up!


when in doubt- CREATE!

there are many times in life when you will doubt yourself.  there will be times you doubt others.  Unfortunately, there will even be times you will doubt God.  When I find myself in a place of doubt, I like to take some time to myself and remember who I am.  Who He has created me to be…and all the gifts and talents God has placed in me to do just the same.  Create!

This week has been a little rough, so I stole some time away today to start working on a project in Astaire’s room that I have been wanting to do since we moved in.  As I was working I regained confidence in myself, and more importantly in who God has created me to be.  I am awesome! The picture does not do it justice (thanks a lot iphone!) and Astaire was so excited when she saw the butterflies on it.  I will be adding  fabric flowers as soon as I can make a trip to Hobby Lobby!

ps. I hope you enjoy the new look of the blog…I am adding updates all weekend, so be sure to stop back and check it out! Also check out my button! (I’ll grab yours, if you grab mine 😉 )