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potty training


I am so lost.  First of all, I feel like summer has killed my blog.  Like it just snuck up on me like a vicious predator and zapped the life out of my writing abilities.  All that aside however, I am stuck in potty training purgatory.  When it has come to every other milestone, I feel like it just came naturally to me– I didn’t really need to read any books or manuals, I just knew how to proceed.  But this, well this is so much different.  I just have no idea what to do.    I do, however have all the supplies.

Potty seat-check.



Pull Ups-check.


I have googled until my eyes are about to pop out of my head.  Some days Astaire is really willing to sit on the potty, other days she acts like there is a monster hiding in the thing.  I’m not really wanting to clean up another mess like I had to on my carpet the other day (long and gross story…) and so here we are.  I’m thinking, maybe she is not ready- but more like maybe I am not ready.  I’ve heard the younger you start, the easier it is. And of course I’ve heard that they will just do it when they are ready (like 4?) who knows!!! No really, who of you know?

So I’m asking you…please comment.  Give me your input, tell me your ways wise readers.



summer lovin’

Summer is in full swing here in Charlotte, which has taken a toll on my blogging.  I apologize!

I just can’t say no to my little lady when she is pulling on my finger and saying “side, side”…wanting to get out there in the sunshine and play.  There is so much to see and do, and she is getting there fast with her brand new set of wheels.

I had to search craigslist for this new used cozy coupe, because our neighbors have one for their baby girl, and they shared with Astaire one day.  Since then she has been obsessed!  Every time she sees it, she yells CAAAAAAHHHH!! RIDE! BABY! Then she is off, across the yard, on her way to their house in search of the car, their baby girl and all the fun she thinks she’s about to have.

I decided that we would get her one, and then when they play in their cars they can be twinsies.  I think if she could sleep in this thing she would.  She loves it!

What kind of fun toys have you gotten for the summer?


great expectations

I know I have mentioned (several times) my new found struggles with Astaire and her tantrums….but I have a happy update today!  We are making some progress.  I have found over the past several days and trips out, that if I set her up for what we are about to do, and clearly state my expectations, we are all much happier and she does so well!

An example of what I might say would go something like this as we are walking in to the store, church, or even a playdate:

“Astaire, we are going to go in to __________ now.  Mama expects you to be a good girl, be obedient and (sit in the cart/go to your class and play with your friends/share your toys) without getting upset.   If you don’t, you will get a time-out, do you understand? (she will say yes) You are such a  big girl, and you are going to a great job!”

We go in, and sometimes she needs a little reminding—but a reminder is usually all she needs.  We have had several successful trips this week, including one to the zoo! She did absolutely wonderful all day, with zero meltdowns and she even got to feed a giraffe right out of her hand….TWICE!

life in the slow lane

Today it finally hit me why I am chronically late, three steps behind and always wishing there were atleast 10 more hours in a day– I have a toddler.

I do not consider myself to be a stupid person, but for some reason I have a hard time getting the concept that it now takes at least twice the amount of time I would normally take for said task, to actually complete it. That is not allotting time for potential meltdowns or tantrums, which as we all know, could last anywhere from 2 seconds – 20 minutes on a bad day.

Recently I made the mistake choice to let Astaire help me with some chores around the house.  Now even my daily routine of cleanup has come to a screeching hault, as she has to be involved in everything I do.  It’s cute, and I love her willingness to help, I pray it continues into her teenage years (yea right who am I kidding??).  And it gives me daily laughs.

Today, when we finished our snack while watching cartoons- she promptly took my bowl & hers to the trash can and threw them away! I had to then explain to her that they went into the kitchen on the counter…but yet again she surprised me by pulling open the dishwasher!  I said “Do you want to put them in the dishwasher” and she said “YESH!” So I pulled out the drawers and she threw them (literally) in on top of the other dishes.

She also has a special stool that she uses to stand on to help me prep dinner, throw the laundry into the washer (one piece at a time), and anything else she can’t do from her level.  Here are a few photos of her helping around the house.

I have noticed that when she is involved and helping, it definitely makes our day go much smoother and she is much happier!

How do you keep your little ones involved, and what kind of age appropriate tasks do you give them to do?